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  1. pliny the elder! word is that pliny the younger is making a special appearance on tap in philly next weekend... can't wait to try it.
  2. Re: --------- GET OMELETTE OR DIE TRY'N - The Official Omelette appreciation thread ------ made one this morning fry crumbled breakfast sausage and chopped onion in some butter pour 2 scrambled eggs over it flip, add sharp cheddar cheese to middle before folding it plate, put some hot salsa on top 4 strips of bacon on the side and a few cups of coffee
  3. This reminds me of the stuff I used to build back in the day... stolen from the ORRY thread, forgot who originally posted it.
  4. I know next to nothing about wine, but I've been trying different types lately... if any other wine noobs are interested in learning more about the subject, check out John Cleese's Wine for the Confused on Netflix streaming. I got a good deal of info out of it. Recently had this, and it was fantastic: got one of these for the snow day tomorow: tried this last week, it was pretty bad. tasted like jolly ranchers.
  5. noaa forecast for the next 2 days for us... on top of the 28" we got over the weekend, nh.
  6. Just watched it this morning on netflix. Really made watching the superbowl commercials interesting - the big 3 aren't selling taste, they're selling a lifestyle and appearance... good movie, wonder whatever happened to the Moonshot lady. Not sure how good a super-caffienated beer would taste...
  7. I'll look for it, thanks... trying to branch out from super hoppy stuff lately, as I think it's been overdone and can sometimes be used to mask subpar brews, so I've been trying a lot of porters, stouts, etc. lately. One of our clients at work is bringing me a few Founder's Breakfast Stouts this week, definitely looking forward to that...
  8. in all seriousness, it is too bad... dude was stupid enough to go looking for a golf ball in S. Carolina? hopefully he's never reproduced before this. he should be nominated for a darwin award. gators (not the NCAA team) are awesome animals.
  9. shittles... sorry, I posted and then the power started blinking on and off... just got back to the thread. not sure why it's called a bastardized ale, but fist's definition is probably what it is... I haven't had too many scotch ales, but the ones I have tried have been very malt heavy, some have been smoky, rich, caramel flavored. this was really hoppy in the nose and up front taste-wise, but finished with a malty, sweet character. really well balanced, IMO. everything I've ever had from bear republic has been good so far, this is no exception.
  10. We're supposed to get at least a foot of snow this weekend. Heading out soon to stock up on beer, frozen pizza, etc... pics to come of the haul. Anyone else notice how these huge storms usually hit on the weekend? Would've been nicer to get snowed in on a weekday.
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