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  1. Traveling to Paris next week. anyone wanna link?
  2. loads of UTAH & ETHER when i was in BK last..
  3. Just looking around.. http://fb-wk.tumblr.com/post/60670506987
  4. i just moved to BCN and im looking to get busy! Pm me hombres
  5. haha! but seriously tho been a minute since ive been in here, its looking bare..
  6. i see you made moderator status. good job on life.
  7. heart still painting bottom up pieces?
  8. ^MUM JOKES. thanks for posting the whole issue of the last dirty deedz.. zZzz
  9. word. just saw this on the news. RIP any one know who it was?
  10. tough talk from Chodefish Rebecci
  11. dabue & csbr had the only one linners worth looking for
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