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  1. Re: B.O.P. is a Radical Organization word holmes
  2. Re: B.O.P. is a Racist Organization bitches on penis . jk hahaha
  3. AT AT

    Toys post here...

    ill get pics soon mangs
  4. question ? why do most the streak artists use white . i mean does it last longer or is it for plain visibility? thanks
  5. Re: B.O.P. is a Racist Organization BOP hates me for no damn reason
  6. i like different writers differing on there individual pieces throwups tags other shit
  7. Re: B.O.P. is a Racist Organization seeking . i really hate you but whatever . i can just come back with AT AT AT AT so i could care less
  8. Re: san francisco art institute... ok or you can do good paintings and sell them for thousands . be my guest
  9. Re: B.O.P. is a Racist Organization anyway im ashamed to have to live in san jose where you cant look ten feet without a seventh grader wearing a thizz nation t shirt and a mac dre airbrush . fucking idiots i think
  10. oh yeah and humpty hump to is a big one
  11. stay fly , dont worry be happy , kookies , other mf doom raps
  12. i know . i check sometimes . just cause some serial killer couldve been behind there . or a dragon or some shit . back when i was three . christ just leave it open
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