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  1. Dont think ihave seen this one up yet also a show on Discovery Kids like "Mega Movie Magic" or some shit that was bomb
  2. WISHBONE fun fact there were like 8 dogs that played him in any given episode
  3. These were my shit, the Fast and Furious ones were the best
  4. yea I'm glad someone else is sick of hearing him talk about that shit all the time, its like a constant reminder of what was on TV last night
  5. at 2:09 it looks like a kid is sucking a cock shaped balloon
  6. on a busy sunday morning hollandaise on the side is such a combo breaker
  7. I have been doing this since i was a kid, thinkin of cool shit to put inside a dope house first off, treehouse fuck a house on the ground to get in i will use a super fast elevator up the trunk of the tree the first room will be a mudroom type dig for all my shoes boots ect., BUT it will have awsome scents pumped into it like cinnamon buns or bacon or dank trees so im always in a good mood hot sluts everywhere, i guess im not alone with this the kitchen will be its own wing as it will be an exact replica of kitchen stadium from iron chef plus all of the iron chefs so i can battle them at my pleasure bedroom will have a magnetic bed like this, nothing else: a pool with a beach in the middle and beached pirate ship with all the proper accouterments in it, cannons, poop deck, OH a bitch with a fat ass that is only there to get her poop deck swabbed theres so much other shit perhaps i will come back to this thread
  8. good stuff till you google it and find out its fake, but its still a pretty sweet watch
  9. i found one of these things while hiking and i left the next person a nice box filled with piss
  10. Just peeped "Hobo With a Shotgun" started with the full intention of losing all interest but was fucking captivated, gory and depraved, as in like bus loads of kids being burned and shanking people with your broken bones kinda shit, but well worth a watch, oh and as soon as i saw robb wells from trailer park boys i knew its was a good one
  11. Steven King, Skeleton Crew, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, I'm addicted to the short stories by him, nothing to outright horrifying but it will give you goosebumps no doubt and some still freak me out
  12. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks Not gunna lie i do believe thats a coyote nohickoner.
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