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  1. yo that production wall is bangin BK, good to see Jumps again
  2. RIP Weka..7 year anniversary Real recognize real..
  3. that last dkops spot..yesir! seyes n mihao fresh
  4. most "hood" blak people i encounter r fukin idiots and just talk bullshit..y would u ever fight for gucci manes music is beyond me or any music period..and eddie murphy is one funny muthafuker by the way
  5. word, i got the pleasure of meeting and kickin it with him the whole time in sa town for cc7..kewlest non-egotistical kat ive met with such a high caliber in the game..even got to do a lay up with the kat as well
  6. niyce! im diggin the same color get ups
  7. Hipster people r kewler.. The homies Maes n Kohs
  8. Ill have sum ice cream with u homie lol
  9. hell yea vizie is super dope and i was wondering when it was gonna happen..and from wt revok n chunk said..yea he is.
  10. u know who never gets cred and is never on 12 oz and is everywhere i go? that nigga Ozen KWS..he dont do a bunch of throws or pieces, but that kats tags like a muthafuker
  11. haha that gucci mane is straight retarded..niggas here mane
  12. wasn't trying to argue homie, just call it how i see it..but ur right it's an opinion.
  13. i liked seyno kewl kat..but dont think he had the streets on lock homie
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