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  1. Its been a while since Ive been here, but fuk it TKB ROLLER by TexasTrill, on Flickr Clogged Caps 8 TKB..WGF by TexasTrill, on Flickr Blew @ Alvagraphics 2012 by TexasTrill, on Flickr ArksBlew2 by TexasTrill, on Flickr TKB Krew Casino Production 2012 by TexasTrill, on Flickr Blew by TexasTrill, on Flickr
  2. ive only seen two people pull that off right..Totem and now Machine...ill shit!
  3. every1 is a winner!! lookin fresh fellas
  4. that sode product is killer...weah too
  5. that koker is fukin proper...seyes n abels fasho
  6. yea those racks r more expensive, but i'll stick to my crates.
  7. bump all the work, except cens he sucks!!! ok time to look for a j.o.b.
  8. but enough already, take that shit to the streets and do sum damage
  9. 4th largest city in the states is not a no name town dipshit..and im sure we have never heard of u neither.
  10. lol dayum... I think goes is from Austin..i could be wrong
  11. that orange tone abels is so phresh
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