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  1. it's connected with them now, but before it was a seperate krew in its own
  2. Yo, who's got the old shit from the original heads?..these kats are some of the hardest out of houston and deserve that respect fo'real..post sum if u got them
  3. oh snap, i know that chick in the blue
  4. bump all the flickage..old and new..good or bad...keep it up
  5. yea southburner that shit is fukin tru..every word of it and niggas do that all the time its stupid..but anyway that machine wit the mega man is stupid sik, wts more is im diggin the backdrop details more than the fills inside the piece..not to take away from it, but those see thru baby blew boxes and the whole fading shit is proper...prolly his best yet
  6. That akyra n raeg is fresh..nice reverse letter
  7. damn wts with all the writing bullshit? who gives a shit, as long as ur getting up fuk everyone else's opinion..it dont matter where u from as long as u do that shit...theres a lot of dope muthafukers from the hood and from the suburbs all over the states wt difference does it make if u got cake or not? the only difference is the dude wit cake can prolly get off a lot easier on bullshit charges..anyway bump floe gia, bazer, howie and all these other vatoes doin shit
  8. fuk summer..it fukin sucks! the humidity fukn blows which makes it even hotter here..cant even step out at night and not feel the heat and mugginess making u sweat
  9. yeaa i dont think this is gonna be all too good
  10. where we're going, we dont need roads..
  11. onak, rtl's n that first wicked joint..nice ish
  12. yo its not even that bad here in the states as in other country's..go to mexico and the system will really fuk u..cops wont give u a ticket, they'll take ur money, vehicle and leave ur ass walkin if they dont beat u down hard enuff u cant walk..real talk...viva estados unidos!!
  13. dude is fukn proper!
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