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  1. Im sho if i go into the la thread saying they r weak n aint shit kats would get at me too so it aint really hating, and la prolly does have graffiti everywhere, but dont knock houston in its own thread cuz there are decent writers here and its more than a hand full in my opinion, but like i said here the city gives a shit too much about keeping it out because this is more of a big business type of city but whatever thats jus my opinion
  2. ur probably uploading too many pics at one time, check the maximum size of the upload count and post under that like if it says max kb is 120, check the size of ur pix and add the kb's as u go to stay under tha max
  3. thers people doing work, the city is just too damn big too see it for one thing, another u prolly aint goin thru where most of it is like hoodspots..driving the freeways aint gonna show u shit cuz the city buffs spots out so quikly especially the nice parts of the inner loop..but motorhead's right, no one cares and everyone hates..oh and the lakers suk!!
  4. whoa, that jade is niyce
  5. who the hell is pilot? haha i kid nah, dude comes correct with the characters fo'real..u coming along homie, keep it up!!
  6. word, i see shit all the time, but never have a camera to take fliks although i did find this ol gem from jade..funny how they left that piece of the building up only..guess they felt it and thats wts up.
  7. wiket, seyes and eaze keep it up!
  8. dayum nesta is a beast..bump tha outsiders
  9. Saw that doe tuesday, that spot is fukin illin..
  10. well maybe they should use the money elsewhere rather than spending "hundreds of thousands" on graffiti. like it really costs that much to begin with. let us all join in on their struggle haha
  11. nomor keepdoin wt u do, niggas always gon hate even when some of them aint even that good themselves..i've seen worst so fukit...420 smoke sumn bitch!
  12. FGO good stuff... yo that cens n lingos is illn...thanx for comin out homies and everyone else too!
  13. shrek reset joint is burnin!
  14. they use to be one of my favorite groups back in the day, but now i dnt really care for them, still got tha ol joints tho n bump them every once in a while
  15. brok is always puttin out quality work..like to see him rock more freights n shit..def one of htowns best piecers...keep it up seyes!
  16. its fukin stupid..it aint hard to find bitches to fuk so y take chances in fukin up a real friendship wit a homie if thats the case? and if u think its ok then ur a bitch for thinkn it is and should get stomped by the homie u do it too
  17. tmac leaving the rockets along with carl landry and joey dorsey for kings kevin martin and 3 other players..i cant believe they traded landry..he was a solid player and only getting better every year..it was obvious or tracy, but damn them for trading landry
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