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  1. damn i thought this was an xchange thread?
  2. haha i saw this shit today, for fukin what!! lamest trend since hipsters were born..oh wait that still goin on too?
  3. fat people rule, skinny people suck! haha
  4. both of those r kewl complex n sneekatoke..thanx!
  5. yo solid homie..colers r bangin..niyce steez
  6. yo, this one was a lil difficult for me haha..yo here u go yellow..
  7. yo im down for another exchange, anyone?
  8. haha that pizza joint is the one!! nicely done
  9. Fuzed, sorry i dont have colors to fill at the moment..peace
  10. dayum, that machine freight is bonkers
  11. youll be lucky if a freeway spots lasts 3 days and yanoe def not the only one who's kinged it here..and i believe freights do travel so of course ur gonna see kats from other sides of the states here..and yes sue lovell is def tryn wipe out the scene here but dont knock the writer's here cuz there are kats here that can def hang wit any others across states
  12. haha that mullet is krazy..met tha kat last nite real kool dude suppose to paint wit him tomorrow..mad excited bout that but yo dude is hella dope
  13. dayum that nekst!! bet them folk was mad as hell for that
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