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  1. We all know she smoked the biggest boulder and had a heart attack. I'm glad I waited after having sex with my girl to tell her about this It was that after sex convo we had she was shocked and I could care less If any of us were selling her stones we would be rich bitch.
  2. I was born october 13.
  3. I feel all scummy rite now but just going with the flow you know?
  4. I dont care for peoples feelings I just act out to stand out and keep jive to look live.
  5. Dont get me wrong I have fucked a thick bitch and will fuck thick bitches just gota act like I dont know em.
  6. Fucking fat chicks feels like beating off you still feel bad after like you havent scored fat chicks are gross.
  7. Gump47


    let me guess you from Cali right Queer? I smell pussy:lol:
  8. Gump47


    Who the fuck asked you fags? if you would steal a bike I did it and its done Im not gona ride around felling sorry, you guys are fuckin gay. Go shoot yourself
  9. i took mad shots of tequila, smoked a bong, a crazy ass steam roller, and on my walk home while smoking a blunt i ran into a pole, and put in my same ol cd i got at the crib and knock the fuck out.
  10. the worst way to go is to go with a boner like in clerks or maybe its the best way to go if you have the same luck.That girl was straight riding his ass.
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