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Everything posted by alloverthetown

  2. I just got the same notice with a Terabyte HD I ordered. Really confusing. haha.
  3. anyone that fucks with STL should be banned like this fool. Toys take note!
  4. I like that Tank with the sneakers.
  5. Not big into the "hipster" watches, but after breaking/scratching/ruining almost every watch I own... I decided to go with a G-SHOCK... after looking at a few of them, I figured this was the least standout-ish... It's in the "mail" I really miss the nice timberland watches, from back in the day... Still have one, but it's beat to hell... Nice watches just don't work with my life-style, phones... just as unfortunate.
  6. rolling through seattle... stolen
  7. This thread is fucking GOLD!! OVER GOLD!!!
  8. it's getting tired now man. Last few pages been good, leave it alone....
  9. ren and stimpy classic..... great work everybody, some last quality pages... acid's fills remind me of mentos in 2 liters of coke...
  10. Action Bronson - Shiraz Keep an eye out for that Smif N Wessun produced by Pete Rock coming soon!
  11. looking at this thread depresses me.. just reminds me of when my 1996 GT Mach One got lifted a few years back..... http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/gt_bicycles/40422 Looked like that, except I had a 3 piece on it with some Shark Bites, better wheels and hubs....
  12. RIP EYEDEA, nice tribute. HBAK
  13. Derek Jeter has a summer home on the #4 Line. True Legend
  14. Cope2 wears a can of Belton Middle Calypso as a condom True Legend.
  15. Cope2 jumped off the Empire State building after doing a throwy, he only sprained his ankle True Legend.
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