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  1. -twerking -drones -the death of writers I look up to -instagram
  2. vowel guy, king eerie, OGk's man, its good to see the tracks getting actually killied, when I was living there in 08 shit was pretty empty, good flicks kermit
  3. but where is Leo and the Dane a la Millers Crossing?
  4. bump blake, fekto adn aware. Also to the CFS VRS fam, I see you fellas
  5. I'm all about gun ownership, but as far as assault rifles and military style weapons go.. not so much. You can't legally own a nuclear weapon or a bazooka, so don't think it's such a stretch to ban these items
  6. detroit is crackin right now, best thread on the oontz and at team in the series, good fer yall
  7. same here, keys are the worst. Also I step over cracks compulsive, like break mama's back status
  8. testme and maple,bumpzzz
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