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  1. Here's my current setup. Raleigh one way frame(2008), phil wood/open pro wheelset, sugino 75 bb and cranks, brooks saddle and tape, 700x25 gatorskins, fyxation bars, thomson elite seatpost, garmin edge 500, occasionally a rack, and currently fenders for the winter. This is my commuter/touring/sport ride which I use for everything. I did a single day double century on this bike this summer.
  2. Brewster, the Bianchi looks great... love those Paul cranks. That brooks saddle looks a little silly on there though, IMO. I'd put something a little "racier" on there if that were my bike, fizik antares or something. But that's splitting hairs, nice ride. No snow here in MA yet. Rode the fixed gear 125 miles on Tuesday and looking for another century tomorrow. Getting the miles in while I can... the only way to stay in shape for next spring is to not let myself get out of shape in the first place.
  3. Wow, that couple is getting married in, like, almost two weeks. OMG, so fucking exciting. The flicks are pretty good too.
  4. I just paid off my phil wood/mavic wheelset... got a sugino 75 crankset arriving on tuesday. Hopefully now I can start spending money on something other than bike upgrades again.
  5. I have a crosscheck. I love it. No problem loading it up for touring, but then again, I have never ridden a LHT to compare. I can tell you that the LHT has a triple chainring, which the crosscheck does not, also has a lower standover hight and bigger BB drop. They seem pretty similar otherwise, the crosscheck has horizontal dropouts, I am fairly sure the lht does too but i'm too lazy to check. And yes, you would need a different fork if you want to run a threaded headset.
  6. It took close to 7 hours on the bike. I've done this same ride in just over 6 hours with gears, so it makes sense I'd pace a little slower on fixed, plus I had a serious headwind for the first half of the ride.
  7. I did 102 miles on my fixed gear today, my first fixed century ride. With my gearing that works out to 28,000 crank turns, or almost 56,000 pedal strokes. I'm tired.
  8. Apples and oranges, and it was his own choice. Thomas Kinkade billed himself as a fine artist, the "painter of light"- not as a sign painter, illustrator, or airbrush barber shop painter; in doing so he opened himself up to criticism as such. Painter of light? You know who painted light? Vermeer painted light. Monet painted light. Van Gogh did it, John Singer Sargent, even Edward Hopper painted light. What Kinkade did was valueless, talentless kitsch.
  9. He has a gallery in every local mall. He was not an artist, he was a famous craftsman and entrepreneur who made hollow, meaningless, lowest-common-denominator paintings that appeal to people who don't understand that art is supposed to actually say something; the visual equivalent of a lifetime movie or a Danielle Steele novel.
  10. It's always sad when people die. But it has to be said that this guy was one of the worst "artists" ever to pick up a paintbrush and the upside of this is that he won't be around to paint any more of those disgusting, saccharine, vacant, vapid pieces of shit pictured above.
  11. My current plan is to build up each wheel separately so I can spend more on each/ end up with a better set. My front wheel is in pretty decent shape anyway, so I'm going to start with my rear wheel. LBS has a phil wood rear track hub on closeout so I'm leaning towards having them build me a wheel using that hub with mavic open pro rim.
  12. I'm looking to buy a new wheelset for my fixed gear. I can afford to spend up to about $400... Any recommendations/ advice?
  13. I personally did not like that berkshire at all, but props on the tuckermans posted up the page.
  14. Real cool flow on that last blue one there with all the shout outs...
  15. I've got this thing (Specialized propero II). Cost me about $120 but everything I've read indicates that a $40 helmet gives you the same protection, with less ventilation and probably a little less comfortably/ uglier.
  16. +1 on the helmet at the top of the page. I cought a wobble charging hard up a hill today in heavy wind and ended up going over sideways onto my hip and shoulder, which flung my head hard into the ground. Luckily I was wearing my helmet... which I now intend to wear ALL the time instead of my usual 70% or so.
  17. I can't understand how, provided you tighten the hub bolts firmly enough, horizontal dropouts on a conversion function any differently than track ends?
  18. Made my way down to Brooklyn this week and got to try some goodies. This was pretty solid all around, But I have to say it was among the best looking beers I've ever had. It had the best head and head retention I have ever seen. This was excellent, pretty sour, and pleasantly skunked. This was pretty decent too. The story behind it made it excellent, without the story, it would still be pretty ok.
  19. I replaced the salsa bell lap on my surly with a nitto noodle. Rode it today... fucking awesome bar. That is all.
  20. Overall, your parents made some pretty decent selections.
  21. I drank both of these last night. No complaints.
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