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  1. All switch!! Keenan forever
  2. All them shoes and no pink, black ,gold, or blue boxes. It's a shame, there the only ones worth collecting, but fine collection though.
  3. Almost had that smith on the jersey barrier. Shit was pretty fresh
  4. Just go back from the reeva what a fuckin mess hate goin ova the braga but it had to be done
  5. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU Anybody else peep this? http://providence.thephoenix.com/life/117939-etips-and-the-history-of-rhode-island-graffiti/
  6. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU Everybody should burn in the ocean state!!!
  7. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU As does my signature and dat paterson leak.
  8. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU You said it obese. I'm wit that.
  9. StinkyInk

    Kem 5

    Fresh kicks..........
  10. I knew it was on when he threw his hat to the ground. Best part about that whole shit is that we still had our green bottled beer waiting for us in the car. All an all pretty epic. RAGS I owe you good looks on retrieving my goods. YO what up poop.
  11. Fuck the freight the real steel is the deal......
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