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  1. that PRE piece just lit my computer on fire!
  2. RIP DARE onne of the best, most influential writers to day. Never got to paint with him. which sucks, but i will never get tired of looking at his work. REST IN PIECE. Like LL cool Jay one of the greatest of all time!
  3. hurt em again and again TIPS , thats my boy!:D
  4. ASKEW killen em with that one!(purple joint) Always bring the heat fo yo ass!
  5. good looks bro! BUMP the Homie NUNCA156 killen em with that Red Blockbuster!
  6. BUMP all these flicks, Got any NUNCA VLOK 156?
  7. BIG UP THEME for holding us down in MIYAMMI! untill next time. Now thats a Burner right there my brother! hit me off with the rest of the flicks!
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