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  1. i liked it when some dude in the crowd at one of her speeches shouted at her to "iron my shirts". hahahah
  2. China is for sure in the spotlight for the next couple decades. I think its amazing that they still got such a tight grip on everything considering all new technologies and how big their population is. But the government is incredibly shady. i personally feel that they actually out do the US as the shadiest in the world. At least you can watch youtube here!
  3. im from cali where its all illegal. but i do remember being in south carolina were they had fireworks stores EVERYWHERE. all the good shit. i was pretty jealous. but being wasted in mexico with mortars and rockets is hard to beat. i recommend to all!
  4. i took the five hour energy thing. and i will NEVER again in my life. It tastes awful and i didnt feel a thing. I love how they have a buncha different flavors like berry and orange, when each and every flavor should simply be called shit. cuz they ALL taste like shit. stick with rockstar or coffee people. or yea, vitamins, healthy eating or just getting your ass in bed when your supposed to!
  5. ^^ im diggin that flick. that spot was always money.
  6. ahhh, the og buses. im still missin the fat cloud of smoke every time the driver hits the pedal. rockin those was the VERY best. im diggin that leaf too
  7. Re: Don't Call it Frisco thats a monster spot there on broadway!
  8. nice flicks homie.. LA always looks way too crackin
  10. well, dont really drive it, but its how i get around. speaking of which, time to hit the streets!
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