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  1. That made sense... LOL He actually has "Pink Sharpy" written on there, first he actually uses a sharpie, then can't even spell it.
  2. With that hand hopefully you don't write at all.
  3. purehate do you actually do anything other than start shit here, I haven't seen real input from you yet. I like seeing illadelphia's stuff, its a better inventory pic then the same old cans over and over. illadelphia I'd like to see more, maybe some of the stuff on a wall.
  4. Fake ass toy? http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s77/skaterpunk59774/Mysketches002.jpg lol.
  5. Everywhere near me is all the new cans now, except the camo ones which still have Ultra-Flat
  6. thelowerclass

    Spray safe!

    ^^God is dead And for the record if you plan on doing a piece for your church you're : A ) Going to need more then 3 cans total B ) Going to need an assload more practice, sketching a piece and painting it are two different ball games PS: I'm sorry for swearing since your parents probably look over your shoulder on the internet and you're going to have to goto confession now.
  7. That is a damn nice macro shot, did you take it?
  8. false, not a big reader the person below me has cheated on someone they were dating
  9. false The person under me has fingered their butthole in the last year
  10. Just got the new SkateBoarder, it came with an Adidas "5 Days in Paris" DVD which is so sick, O'Connor Fairfax and Busenitz were killing it. Theres some brief Gonz in NYC stuff too. Best short video I've seen in a while.
  11. false The person below me pisses in the shower
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgFlrnyP0xg 3 mins in or so he mentions us...be ready for the influx
  13. Damn son, why even take the time to sticker all that shit when its just going to get covered in ink or paint or thrown away. Also doesn't that kind of seem like carrying your blackbook on you? If you get caught with one of those its a connection (I'm assuming you add him into throws or tags sometimes)
  14. I love skating with people 10x better than me, if I'm just skating with people on my skill level I'm not inclined to go all out, but with better people its like if I don't at least try something new I feel like that little kid dropping in every chance he gets just to do a rock to fakie and be done for that run, like just wasting everyones time. ^^Biggest run-on ever?
  15. HAHA! I think I pissed a little. Wow...
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