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  1. Yeah,i'm a little late,but horrible news for sure... If you or any of the crew could give me any info,i would appreciate it.I'm not looking for details on how he passed,mainly i would like to know the where abouts of his final resting place.Since i missed his funeral services,i just want to pay my respects.Thanks for any help you guys can offer.... RIP BLOAT
  2. This is all gonna sound somewhat strange UNLESS you have been around the Bay Area scene long enough to know me.. I first met Andrew when he was about 16 thru the OLD internet group ALT.GRAFFITI(haha,remember that one?)..Back then,i would post old Oakland photos(1983-1985) and one day i get an email from some kid doing a graffiti site based on the then little known Hayward scene.After talking a few times back and forth,i finally invited Andrew to come by my house to shoot the shit and flip thru my collection.I half thought i was going to answer the door to some skinny mid 20's kid with an attitude...What i encountered on my doorstep was a 10 plus year younger version of me,A short "husky"' guy..(yeah i said Husky..haha)..We hit it off right away,flipping thru album after album,talking about"the good ol' days"..Learning all about the "new kids" from him and seeing photos of Hayward spots i never knew existed.. Thru Andrew i met Bely,Stok,Yensmo,Flik,Yoder and all the other local talent.I remember all the Rumors of beatdowns,jump in's and snitching..And Andrew and Bely's hilarious take on all of it.Watching these guys come up from under spots and Church Legal's(what up Sacred?) to evolve into Ghetto Stars and All City Crushers... I lost track of Andrew and the boys about 5-6 years ago.See,i stopped following graff all together,started building traditional Hot Rods, and lost touch with a culture i had made such a big part of my life for many years.A culture that allowed me to meet awesome people like Andrew. Just yesterday,i was flipping channels and came across the graff film"Infamy" for the first time.Watching it was like the first time i saw Style Wars on KQED in Jr.High!It must have ignited something inside of me,because today,for the first time in 5+ years,i benched some fr8's as they passed behind my job.On one of the cars layed up behind the warehouse were the words "RIP BLOAT"..First thing i thought was "Andrew still has a weird sense of humor".Then my curiosity got the best of me.I pulled up Google on my phone as i sat next to the tracks and typed in BLOAT ASE.The first thing that popped up was this thread.My eyes welled up and i found it somewhat hard to breathe all of a sudden.How did his passing somehow slip right past me?How could this have happened to someone so young and full of life be gone way too soon? I'm sorry if i rambled on and on,but those of you who know me will more than likely know where i'm coming from..Rest well Andrew,BIGG BLOAT...ASE... Bely,Stok,Yens..Hit me up..Its been too long boys.. SPANK ONE... "Big Pimpin' Ain't So Easy.."
  3. Thanks again to everyone who has responded on the thread and thru p.m.'s..Just a heads up,I will also be starting a thread in brick slayers in the near future for all you wall junkies...lots of travelling when i was younger has given me the opportunity to stack up alot of interesting flix from the past..look for more Fr8's tomorrow.....SeisxSeisxSeisx:hatred:
  4. O.K...Thats it for todays session...look for an update soon...enjoy:)
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