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  1. i would rather listen to fran drescher(the nanny) sing sweet child of mine than listen to fake ass booty bitch wailing away like a banshee, but tho on the reals -smash.
  2. you didnt fucking pm shit sword swallower! Seriously tell someone who cares about your bitchy problems Your trolling on 12 oz cuz you got nothing better to do. your wack as shit kid, and this isnt your platform for mouthing off like a typical toy, your all the same each and everyone of you useless toys. So last time pussyface ( which i called you in a pm hence your unorigonality like a toy) keep it in the pm's
  3. this thread is for freights not your crying dickface, keep it in the pm's
  4. top notch type upper level shit right here
  5. jec x2 plus top o' the page status, mber, cred, hence, spel, much, sento....
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