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  1. him fighting his dad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNw1XWQxj60&feature=related
  2. Ahahaha, thats real cute though
  3. Elart's style is getting more wierd by the year... I like...
  4. They make those lines with grey or other dot caps, and then they cut that line with the filling color.
  5. That jaded "T" was how I wanted it. I see a few things I could touch up, but the "T" isn't one of it. I know what you mean, but I am satisfied nonetheless. Thanks for the feedback though.
  6. Just messing around with handstyles, and characters Ugh, need a bit more work on my characters...
  7. Good contrast indeed, but I would not say the same for placement or the intent of putting a target right smack in the middle. In my opinion, its like looking at a big red rusty brick that got lunged right smack into the middle floor of a swimming pool behind a mansion. Great contrast, but the thing in the middle for me isn't very pleasing visually, and I don't see the great sensual purpose of it being there. It just looks like it doesn't belong there. But thats my way of looking at it, you can all see to it that you can look at it any way you want save for my lousy insight on a canvas.
  8. In my opinion, i'm not feelin' it.
  9. Feelin' everything in the canvo except for the black target dude.
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