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  1. yes, but how & nosm is the connection inbetween, I guess...
  2. http://www.hurtyoubad.com/ Hurt You Bad Hits You Hard!
  3. Chobbie Chob


    inventor & all time style king. period.
  4. spotted some deth kult tags around london, uk lately.
  5. too many jealous and envy fuckers in this game. rich, poor, red or purple. who cares. if you paint, you paint.
  6. i believe the interview's done in 2000. So more like 6 years then. not 100% sure, but i think it's taken from a danish docu-movie called Write & Unite, which was released in 2004. http://www.writeandunite.com/
  7. Six pages of dopeness from remio VTS in the latest issue of Between Magazine!
  8. Re: CURRENT GRAFF MAGS AROUND THE WORLD!!! Finally it's here! Our third publication, issue #02 - Out September 2006. 88 colour pages. Interviews with Eriko MSK, Nerd & Kräm and the BA crew. Large features on Remio VTS and bombing in old fanzine-style! Bergen city report, Farfar LMK feature and illustrations from Ronja, HuskMitNavn, Honet, BeeFree and Krsn. This issue is packed with the best of Norwegian and international bombing, walls, trains and subways, plus articles, neat design, illustrations and much much more... More info to come on http://www.betweenmagazine.org soon! preview:
  9. is there any reason(s) for this thread not to be closed asap?
  10. Re: Brighton UK - Graphotism&SleepingGiants 06 "TRUE" who painted some blue piece - if you see this contact me fucking a-s-a-p.
  11. Re: Brighton UK - Graphotism&SleepingGiants 06 it was a good day for sure!
  12. action speaks louder than words, mates.
  13. http://home.no/betweenbilder/bomb4.jpg http://home.no/betweenbilder/bomb5.jpg london
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