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  1. What a load of fucking shit talk..... bun fiya pon internet fraff.....
  2. hahahahah what dick put thoose viccy plots down, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
  3. skirmfirm chattin ews bumpkin shit hahahahahahha
  4. its not a mag, its the new rolling stock called "flexi mets"
  5. no chance... He's taking the right piss outta you's hahahah.
  6. What the fuck are you on about. How about some pictures and some possative comments instead of all you fools that don't know each other fighting. Twats...
  7. blah blah blah, its so fucking boring in here. snag ect have even started painting BR's says a lot for the LU.....
  8. The london underground died years ago, and i only made the thread to prove it. Look at DJ when it opened. Thats was good it provided regular flicks. All this message board shit is bollocks, most of you don't have a fucking clue what your talking about, the boys on grafflondon have more constructive talks on the LU than any poor yoot on this site. "Pissing on websites."
  9. I look at the photo's, not the oppinions!
  10. Very highly oppinionated cunts you lot huh? like anyone in the world gives a flying toss what you think of LDS or any other crew for that matter?
  11. I'm Stating the obvious, people posting face actions, thats what makes this site so poor.... everything i mention is already commen knowledge.
  12. Just noticed this aswell, This flick is about 3 years old and shows someone who is now just a legal writer, and on all accounts stylewise burns this forum........
  13. This site is what you make it....... and whats all theese bellends saying there dds man, like an ip wont be traced? yeah ok.... Obviously im not about to post unseen photo's but fume has had thoose on his myspace for a long time, at least 2 other websites have them posted, 12oz wont make a lot of difference sunshine!
  14. And i didn't for one minute say i was, you will never know who i am for sure.....
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