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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco easy i know some people r gonna shoot me down in flames but to be honest i dont have the time to trawl through 800+ pages of stuff on San Francisco. Im going to san fran soon and if anyone can give me any pointers as to good halls of fame in the city that would be awesome. also, whats the rail system like for panels and stuff, it seems the subway network you have is pretty small, so i wondered if anything gets done i.e is there anywhere worth benching?
  2. graffiti can depress neighbourhoods... i cant wait to see the tower block sized fucking prozac theyll have to describe, or maybe send it to a shrink to get it to discuss how its feeling what fucks me off is that for a so called democratic tv channel, the discussion about graffiti was handled by two presenters who clearly didnt have any idea or indeed give a shit, and two so called critics who were clearly just brought in to fill the 5 minute slot with hot air and waffling. also, fuck banksy, he used to be vaugely imaginative until the media latched on to him and I am sick of people immediately associating his stuff with proper graffiti. fucking art fags who brown nose him like he's some revolutionary underground artist - more like a guy with a good sense of humour who is playing the media for all he can get. the thing that bites the most though, is that budget of 1bn annually for cleaning londons streets - id love to see the evidence that supports that figure. its just bollocks though, LU or londons councils could provide any figure to the media and it is taken at face value, never questioned.
  3. runners at london bridge today, 2 full colour panels and a separate unfinished dub
  4. The article is probably copied off of NIGMA/Location 12
  5. my bad, it actually might be the sunday and/or as well. i think theyre going to be made into those office things near brick lane etc
  6. if anyone is interested, ive heard that the old tube trains at cockfosters depot on the pic line are going to be removed on saturday 11th nov - theyre covered in dubs n stuff at the moment and people might be interested in getting flicks before they disappear. anyone gets any photos it would be good to hear from them
  7. wasnt there a couple of panels running with the le chat?
  10. any idea by who, any flicks??
  11. Chewie

    uk wall flixs

    yeah some shitty toys have gone over them, spek klone and koat - no respect
  12. Chewie

    uk wall flixs

    also on a slightly less angry note, can anyone shed some light on the walls down at vauxhall station, which face the platforms - how comes theyve all been there so long without being buffed, and does anyone know how the deadly avenger piece came about - i assume its for the musician the deadly avneger..?
  13. Chewie

    uk wall flixs

    just my opinion, but after seeing the extent of the buff on tracksides all over london yesterday, north and south, its so bad for london. you can say its evolution but when all the old good pieces are lost to standard brown paint, then replaced by some shitty pathetic toy crap, theres no winners. what also pisses me right off is the fact that so many of these fucking toys have no respect, yesterday in north london along the tracks theres so much new wall space, but these fuckin toys have gone straight over some Slam dubs, showing no respect whatsoever. little cunts
  14. some epic and GB panels running on SWT out of waterloo, bit of a poor effort
  15. just for my dissertation - any help appreciated
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