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  1. americans are active aswell as european writerrs...there are some mad guys. Update with some various USA subways (and a lot of europe as ussually) is coming soon at CATCHME.PL ... here's the preview: ...if u got some nice Amercians subways u can send'em to me cytrux@wp.pl
  2. u gonna see some fresh chciago and nyc subway actions on next catchme.pl update. it still alive
  3. IT IS PRAGUE SUBWAY... new typ (it runs since 2years or something like that im not sure). its 100% prague subway. here u got some photos of this subway type:
  4. Rotterdam Milan - red line Munich Prague Amsterdam
  5. Amstedam Rotterdam Stockholm Stockholm Napoli Athens
  6. ...nice update eyegasm. crazy spanish boys...
  7. k. i wont post no more scanned mag's photos....... but i will post some excluzives. peace out
  8. Amsterdam Amsterdam in Milan ;) - red line Paris Stockholm
  9. Bangkok!!! Brussels Genoa New York Philadelphia Sofia Stockholm Toronto Athens Milan Oslo Barcelona
  10. Sorry but its Lyon not Marsille ;]
  11. Brisbane London - district line Madrid Marsille Milan - green line Milan - red line Milan - yellow line Munich Roma - a line Stockholm Stockholm Wien Brussels Berlin Vancouver
  12. ...thats not good photo but its better then no photo. there was SPECIAL panel next to dims and bitch... i understand u got no picture of that ... am i wrong?
  13. ...T.T.Booy have u got other panels on this car aswell????????? couse there was some more
  14. first photo is BITCH_EWC FEAR_HB DIMS_BSE (all from Gdansk) on Helsinki subway....
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