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  1. zeph glue lions onorok se arys heroin so many more fucking sick
  2. kwest and mone allllllriiiiiiiiiiighhhht
  3. The Solo artist learn erupto myth goner Kemr fuck yea Naceo yeye sick benchin
  4. Lack Learn Eruptoe Ghouls yme a2m
  5. met mmmber apes Onorok ..... the sickness
  6. eWwwwweeeee phone and goner doin it for me
  7. erupto ich glue multiple goners sigh Mber shyeahh..
  8. #4 is Oujia and 6 and 27 are lack hbt/sfl/yme
  9. heist.. goner destn the when cars were sick thanks bro
  10. jurnes myth Learn glue size wordness son thanks for it
  11. 2-shay youre right and i stand corrected i guess i was just trying to find the jobs that would involve writing at all. I went into choose your own adventure with the jobs guess i forgot to add all the negetive aspects.
  12. Slim Pickens


    What is the best job for a writer to obtain? Mailman-One all the free stickers you can fit in your arms and the end of your shirt. A sweet truck to jam out to tunes and read magazines all day. A mail route in which to throw up your stickers and peep other graf in your area. The gov bene's and not to mention the sick uniform. Buffman-Someone is going to do it so why not you. You get to first snap a flick of the work you are buffing and you get a free guide to the best places to paint in your city not to mention the means to get there. Railworker-Learn the in's and outs of your yards. Meet your fellow workers so they dont tweak when they sneak up on you leaving your mark and have a disguise from the bull. What is the best job for a writer?
  13. Nace Ewok Learn Jurne Spek Ghouls News pass the cucumber sandwiches
  14. a post to melt the face elk kuma karma spek aves ted arsn just to name a few
  15. ichabod elk guts zeph mmmmmmm
  16. nace Mayhem gosh darn ghouls met kern aves cyclerrrrrr
  17. Holy Shnikes dopeness glue glue glue ich x 2 dzone lyes utah phone host sigh zeph echoe space and many many more a hefty dose of illness
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