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  1. graffitidork


    flippin SWEEEET!! much thanks
  2. that DODX for sure! 1st veiw on that. great post, thanks for sharing
  3. man that Deploy is the sickest! great stuff
  4. ya man, great 1st post. i enjoy seeing the freights surroundings, like that Migee on the bridge. good stuff thanks for sharing
  5. man those leaves in the Lopro is dope... great post. thanks
  6. fuckin REEFER HEAVEN!! daaamn, im jealous..great post..greaaaat!
  7. nice. that 1st pic of the SOO line takes it..well its a toss up between that & the turkeys..ha thanks, great post
  8. HELLS YA! damn near every last one! excellent post, thanks
  9. awesome. thanks man Takt Mber Heat & Maple E2E Arek/Con Poser
  10. great post! that 1st Tars is fresh as fuck!
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