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  1. wtf the stick? whats going on wit my name!
  2. is that a fake or old snafu..jus wondering
  3. i think he was bein sarcastic..
  4. the guy who spray painted GOD on a dumpster behind the old navy and micheals....
  5. now word up..everbody say.....when u hear the call u got toget it under way..word up..its a call word. no matter where u say it.. you no that you'll be heard...
  6. trf..has to be one of the stupiest kids on 12oz...you do graffiti but u wouldnt let your kids do it...people tell u things and give u advice b-cuz they ethier have done it.. or no what its like...somone who smokes mite tell u not to..jus cuz they tell u that doesnt make them a hypocrite.. jus means they no how hard it is to stop smoking and are givin u advice to not even start....the only kids who thinks or would want there children to do graffiti.. are on the hype kids who plays gettin up and proly have just started writting.. any person who has some yrs and have actually done some shyt nos..
  7. why dont kids read... they have threads for u.. dont start a new one
  8. tars dont u hate it when somone fucks up a good flat car.
  9. who ever that guy is who painted that batman shit... he does alot of tight shyt like that...post more of his shyt...
  10. in the year 1992...pogs dominated the universe....
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