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  1. wtf the stick? whats going on wit my name!
  2. is that a fake or old snafu..jus wondering
  3. i think he was bein sarcastic..
  4. the guy who spray painted GOD on a dumpster behind the old navy and micheals....
  5. now word up..everbody say.....when u hear the call u got toget it under way..word up..its a call word. no matter where u say it.. you no that you'll be heard...
  6. trf..has to be one of the stupiest kids on 12oz...you do graffiti but u wouldnt let your kids do it...people tell u things and give u advice b-cuz they ethier have done it.. or no what its like...somone who smokes mite tell u not to..jus cuz they tell u that doesnt make them a hypocrite.. jus means they no how hard it is to stop smoking and are givin u advice to not even start....the only kids who thinks or would want there children to do graffiti.. are on the hype kids who plays gettin up and proly have just started writting.. any person who has some yrs and have actually done some shyt nos... that graffiti isnt all.. happy go lucky.. bull shyt were rebelious artist crap..it has its has its good days and its bad days...in reality... most people who do graffiti.. do it just cuz they can...they dont see it as art...bombing is not art..doind the same thing over and over is not art...scribbling all over a stop sign is not art..it lost its art aspect along time ago...like a jackson pollock painting..slingin and throwin paint was cool...the first 5 times it was done.. like 30 yrs ago...now... its jus kinda week and a cheat and metokre way to say ur bein artistic...now ya there are hand full of guys who spend hours on there wall and fr8s.. thats art....spendin hours perfecting your shyt.givin it your ALL is art...but everyone fuckin nos most poeple spend..15-30 minutes and call it a day and go get burger king...once again...the writer with the yrs and nos wat hes talking about ... stops lying to himself to justify tha fact that hes 25 yrs old hasnt attended a college class in 4 yrs.. and hasnt accomplished anything...but bein a well nown writer...he nos that ethier he spends tons of time on his pieces.. or...hes just some bomber..or 30 minute piecer who jus wants to get up and nos theres notin artistic about it b-cuz he pretty muhc pieces the same lookin style over and over again....well u mite be wondering wat about me..im rabling on about shyt..wat do i do..well..iv been painting for a while..i paint alot of metal..but...i kinda came to the conclusion yrs ago that i didnt wanna sit around all the time and spend time on 1 really hot piece when i could do 4 "good" ones..i stoped lying to myself and figured out why i do graffiti along time ago...and most real and experienced writers will tell u...there not going to stop... and its alot of b/s..but there not going to tell u some lame ass im a art fag rebeling against the world type shyt alot of these fuckers try to pull so that people will feel sorry for them...now if ur kids do graffiti..there really nothing u can do about it..my parents arent to fond of me doing it..they like it..but i think any parents would like to see there son doing alot more with his life...i do go to skool and handle my shyt..but i dont think any parents likes noin that the kids risk there freedom.or life jus to paint some trains..or bomb a billboard...now alot of poeple o nthis trheads parents are coo with it...i havnt heard many people talk about how there parents USED to be a heavy graff writer...anyone who paints...alot i should say.. who be stupid to be totally ok with there children doing graffiti..but...of course poeple do what they want..now no ones saying they wont.. but ya u cant lock anyone up in a room forever....but ok.. lets jus say if u have kids or plan on it...and u do write and your like..""YA..WANNA GO BOMB". OR PAINT ANY FREIGHTS LATLY?" ....theres kinda somthing wrong with that...
  7. why dont kids read... they have threads for u.. dont start a new one
  8. tars dont u hate it when somone fucks up a good flat car.
  9. ralf deyga

    The 3D pages.

    who ever that guy is who painted that batman shit... he does alot of tight shyt like that...post more of his shyt...
  10. in the year 1992...pogs dominated the universe....
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