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  1. zeph glue lions onorok se arys heroin so many more fucking sick
  2. kwest and mone allllllriiiiiiiiiiighhhht
  3. The Solo artist learn erupto myth goner Kemr fuck yea Naceo yeye sick benchin
  4. Lack Learn Eruptoe Ghouls yme a2m
  5. met mmmber apes Onorok ..... the sickness
  6. eWwwwweeeee phone and goner doin it for me
  7. erupto ich glue multiple goners sigh Mber shyeahh..
  8. #4 is Oujia and 6 and 27 are lack hbt/sfl/yme
  9. heist.. goner destn the when cars were sick thanks bro
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