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  1. I got no clue who or how or why that pic ended up in my reply. Weird.
  2. Not to mention all the imported goods from china that are contaminated with lead and other hazardous materials. are they trying to kill us or what
  3. Bump that Norfolk wall. Not too much longer now, schroader.
  4. I guess I could have been more specific, but I'm just regurgitating shit I've heard anyway. Sounds fun.
  5. If you want to see some UFO's I suggest a drive through the South West.
  6. Man you totally discredited my sweet namedrop
  7. Good luck with that. And +1 for the clever retort!
  8. The secret is that there is no god- man is his own god and can BUILD his own reality. The ones that BUILD are the gods among men. By trying to make sure everyone else, including all but the highest levels of their own members, believes in some external force to save/condemn/judge they, they ensure that all the REAL power on earth stays in their hands. They aren't bound by the limitations of "good" or "evil". I could be wrong though.
  9. These aren't all scam jobs? They always seemed too easy to be legit.
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