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  1. i knew i'd get benched on this one!!! thanks for taking pictures of graffiti that sucks.
  2. i put together a quick little funk mix if anyone wants to check it out... this is the 3rd mixtape i've done in like 6 years and i'm hella rusty, but whatever... http://s52.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1I3I8Q2...K20I455ZPV88BIE
  3. holy shit this guy knows what is up!!!!... another great ZAPP tune is "Doo Wa ditty" off "Zapp II"... find it. peace.
  4. checkout diplo's remix of bloc party "Hellicopter"... pretty sick.
  5. about their burgers... square patties on a round bun?? does this make sence to anyone else?
  6. sick... i hope they do a good job of covering artists from differant areas of the continent
  7. WAY too much free time... wow.
  8. i'm in awe of what a great post this is. thank you, sir.
  9. That Built On Buff ICHABOD is fucking awesome
  10. stolen from the Santa Cruz thread
  11. i caught that solid/lust car not too long ago...
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