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  1. has anyone tried brake fluid versus mineral spirits to thin out metallic silver oil based enamel bucket paint to make ghetto "KRink"? if so which is better? the one thinned with only brake fluid or the one thinned only with mineral spirits?
  2. yep... all it is is Garvey xt-70 and Marsh T-grade black dye in a garvey bottle with a different label
  3. anyone know what happened to RUENONE.COM :confused: DJ Ruen One's website.. it had mad bay area flicks from psycho city to the 23rd yard and anything else inbetween.
  4. think before YOU speak. I wasn't trying to sound all smart and sarcastic. I was simply stating my theory. :rolleyes:
  5. yo toy^ quit talking shit about TIE
  6. awesome... i think violet.. is like... supernaturally THE color. maybe it has something to do with our vision sensors or what. that's how we see the stain or "ghost" Quoted post DAMN SON {ICETRAY} YOUR A REAL KNOW IT ALL ASSHOLE ARENT YOU I WONDER IF YOU EVEN OR EVER ACTUALY BOMB WITH ALL THIS INK YOUR MIXING :rolleyes: Quoted post [/b] :haha: what ink am I mixing? 8.5x11 was the one mixing. read before you write, SON.
  7. its just you, your eyes are fucked up Quoted post [/b] I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN IS GONE... but nah if you look at it from afar it's a trip to the eyes. but upclose it isn't.
  8. awesome... i think violet.. is like... supernaturally THE color. maybe it has something to do with our vision sensors or what. that's how we see the stain or "ghost"
  9. yo, is it just me or do those ORFN characters have like some illusionish "double-vision" type of thing to it... how can you dis' that?
  10. White pigmented marsh is the shit, and dye type sucks. you shouldn't even be messin with that. The white is pigmented and that's all you should be using anyways. Quoted post yo, wtf is the difference anyway. do you know? Quoted post Pigmented is like paint, but thin enough to use in a marker. Dye type is more liquidy like flowpen ink, and I think less permanent. Quoted post [/b] on the second page of this thread someone said that pigment was too thick but dye flowed better, drips more, and dries faster, and both as permanent.
  11. ^no, thanks anyway. If that ink is what I really think it is... then I've already got it: garvey+marsh ...and together it ghosts and doesn't fade in the sun. besides, even the bottle looks the same as what garvey comes in. seems to me you just peeled off the garvey one and stuck your own sticker on it. I'm interested in that mop though. the one you posted wrapped in tape inbetween those two bottles of ink you posted in the NY thread. :D prolly just some old bingo marker right? :haha: [attachmentid=32102] + [attachmentid=32103] = .[attachmentid=32104] I guess if the inks already come together mixed and always came with a mop when you bought two and not just some one week deal, then it might be worth it. although since I already have the two inks and a mop seperate, I can mix them in my own fraction. be it more permanent and ghosting for insides, unfading for outsides, or whatever. i'd rather get it the two seperate from artprimo and save a few dollars. i'll be able to mix them to whatever fraction I wish instead of buying the same inks already mixed and paying a few more dollars to get the same stuff just labeled different. :tongue:
  12. :lol: don't get "done" dirty by that ink that's selling on ebay. shits probably just garvey xt-70 mixed with marsh black t-grade. you could get a 16 oz of garvey and a 16 oz (pint) of marsh t-grade any color for a total of 33 dollars at artprimo. :innocent:
  13. have anyone tried a krink and grog mix yet?
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