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  1. icetray


    Rustoleum Metallic Enamel Finish Spraypaint is pretty hard to buff.
  2. has anyone tried brake fluid versus mineral spirits to thin out metallic silver oil based enamel bucket paint to make ghetto "KRink"? if so which is better? the one thinned with only brake fluid or the one thinned only with mineral spirits?
  3. why are you bein rude, he's just sharin some information he has, i for one didnt know that so if nothing else whatsoever he's given some info to one person... you e-bully! Quoted post [/b] :haha: [attachmentid=33181]
  4. ZING! ZING! can I get one more? (oh yes ya can!) ZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Quoted post [/b] right on LENS.. so you might want to get out. ZING.
  5. I think most of us already know about this. this is the WRITERS FORUM not the TOY'S FORUM. good looking out though. :rolleyes:
  6. how what?.. what kind of example do you need? there isn't anything new under the sun. go do the research, compare the two, and then try thinking for yourself. the term "graffiti" is a fucking generalization and stereotype and embodies everything including turf writing, to the subway writing culture, to bathroom stall writing. the subway writing culture, the aerosol writing culture, aerosol morphology or whatever the fuck you wish to call it embodies the act of racking: (confiscating paint with the justification that writing is an expression of freedom and communication; is a misunderstood artform; has a risk of being buffed, etc.) hitting: (tags; signatures), bombing: (hitting: tags, signatures, and throwups: (quickly painted pieces); and piecing: (burners, murals, productions, etc. ), has a HUGE gap between cholo turf old english lettering elaborations, and is more indepth in terms of the overall development and the style of ones tags and letters and expressing oneself than just territorial old english "Placas"... and like CACashRefund posted.. Yes, "the colors duke! the colorsssssssss!" are also a big difference. also I'd like to add that in terms of the philly+ny writing culture it involved all kinds of races from whites, blacks, asians, ricans, than the turf writing in L.A. that consisted of mexican-american or latino.
  7. forget buying those mixing caps.. i remember there was a thread about making those mixing caps.. try digging it up. anyway. to rattleytins: is the method messy?
  8. I like this BACON better.. stenciled in stars... hilarious :haha:
  9. every style done to date doesn't derive from la. some styles done to date may be influenced by the cholo writing or may be JUST cholo writing. but the culture of aerosol writing as we know it derives mostly significantly from the root of the ny subway writing culture. if you knew the history of how ny subway writing culture came and went then you'd know all about how the styles evolved. the ny subway writing styles significantly differed from cholo writing in L.A., because it developed differently.
  10. every style done to date derives from 1972 n so on when they started elaborating their signatures on subway cars. that's the roots.. other writers styles may derive from people who have used another writer's style that derived from the originators of styles during the 70/80s... you got it? this book is highly recommended: http://artcrimes.com/faq/stylewriting.html
  11. yep... all it is is Garvey xt-70 and Marsh T-grade black dye in a garvey bottle with a different label
  12. icetray


    TIE wrote SEO too?
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