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  1. Aww man, i cant believe you said lloyd banks dog, i'm officialy player hatin on g unit and all their affiliates, and Fabolous smashed on mase on a new dblock track.
  2. tsuifuku


    whats your name in cs? mine is heineken
  3. tsuifuku


    oh man, you shouldn't have said that we can go right now if you want
  4. tsuifuku


    whats up with a 12oz counterstrike game (1.6 of course)???
  5. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. America has never struck first, eh? I think the people of Kosovo, Sudan, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and many other countries would disagree with you.
  6. cassidy cant have a thread because like the kid mero said NO ONE IS SCARED OF A DUDE WHO LOOKS LIKE A 14 YEAR OLD LESBIAN
  7. Once while driving through the midwest in January (bad idea) i got off the freeway to get some gas in the middle of nowhere, the offramp had not been salted at all so it was all ice, slid past the stop sign at the end of the offramp and got t-boned by some farmer lady driving a mini van, totalled my whip, and hers. I got a tickets for careless driving, and a failure to stop. The careless driving (which was for a failure to yeild to road conditions) jacked my insurance through the roof, previously I was paying around 120/month and after that ticket it went up to 300/month. Got into another
  8. My mom told me today that the twins traded Yohan Santana and Tory Hunter for Barry Bonds :shook:
  9. In one stupid science class we distilled wood and produced wood alcohol from it. How to set it up really depends on how much of what you'll distill. I'm no help
  10. I feel the same way about it as (i believe it was) Henry David Thoreau felt about the spanish american war. Something to the effect of, I wish none of them harm, but I hope they are defeated in every battle.
  11. I'd never say "fuck you" to a vet, most of them come from a working class background and are not bad people. The thing I disagree with is where you said they are fighting for me. Are my wages going to be higher after the war? Am I going to be able to afford medical insurance after the war? Probably not. The US military has been used against the population of the united states before. I recall the previous governor of my state calling out the national guard because state employees went on strike. The rulers of the country will use the military against us, therefor I dont see a reaso
  12. I have veterans in my family, as well as family and friends who have joined the military, or are in the process of doing so. All this talk about Supporting the troops is designed to make the average joe think that the iraq war or the war in afghanistan is in his interest, which it clearly is not. I'm not a fan of immortal technique, i think hes an asshat. In this situation, however i think its useful to quote him "We don't get cheap labor for our companies, we dont get weapons contracts, we are cheap labor" I've said it before, and i'll say it again, if you are in the position
  13. Probably not the best army, I think israeli forces have seen some significant demoralization due to the fact that they are being used as a police force in the west bank and gaza.
  14. You're right 2342, I am off topic, for that I apologize. On topic: Look at who controls the news media, its controlled by the ruling class, so it will show a bias that reflects their intentions. Are their intentions to sow divisions between the average non-Muslim working class american, and Muslim workers? Of course it is, just as they try to sow divisions between native born US workers and immigrant workers. "Those damn mexicans, they're stealing our jobs!" They want the average american to view muslisms with suspicion, "YOU NEVER KNOW, THEY COULD BE SLEEPER CELLS" in order to turn peo
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