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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. alligator person has a fair share of nice spots
  2. me likey alligator person
  3. the unit shit is tite... big up pts :ballcap:
  4. Re: Don't Call it Frisco PHUNK IS THE SHIT, these photos are professional quality
  5. Re: Don't Call it Frisco Google Earth
  6. end of the world...........:eek:
  7. who tang wall is nice bump reyed-2012 me likey
  8. whos to listen to you clown, telling people you have "king status" hahahahaha, that made my day when i heard that
  9. true, but its been there for too long, and he aint from bmore...boooo
  10. diggin that seth, is that the key lime prime time?
  11. flicks from today fellas?
  12. Big Ups SNIP, that spots a banga
  13. yeh that is really fresh
  14. haha, dont call me a toy, from what i hear you take the longest to bust out a piece "99.9%"of the time,that says alot! get a job and if your so HARD, why you wastin your time talkin shit to "juveniles"?
  15. hahaha thats what i was sayin, that shit makes no sense
  16. does that wacky face one that train say somthin? ive seen it around
  17. feelin that while caspa throwup
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