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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. bump emoh stab and bano!
  2. yeh i saw a nehi on 695 and ona metal grate along the lightrail shit is hot!
  3. holy twine bump that wall TSC
  4. oh hell yeah that daver metasin train is niiiice bump twine again!
  5. bump ich at hof and enues letters
  6. whats next to the DERK...bump derk
  7. now i will be the bigger E-man and not say anything else cuz no one cares, i didnt do anything to you even though i dont know who you are..
  8. haha..you dont know anything about me, and if you do, i feel sorry for you for actually going out of your way to find anything out, im not being brave, im being E-brave just like you, theres a difference. its the fucking internet.
  9. haha, your on a graffiti forum under a false name talking shit......:lol:
  10. oh and bump emoh teket an enity for keepin up the prodo game
  11. catch a bad one, from who and for what reason?
  12. ok....you have pictures of your dissed shit, which i didnt nor did anyone i know do, i dont do that kinda shit please dont assume it was me or any of my boys thanks
  13. no one dissed you at hof?
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