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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. you can post the other one....
  2. check metal heads- my 2 cents, nice bmore ish
  3. bump this post! daver metasin mask super BMORE!
  4. respect the voser night riders
  5. bump cee, glad to see him gettin up lets see the arek next to the con..
  6. those are 2 brand new krylon gum drop and some leaf color post the handstyleeeeeees
  7. bump omen banjo ELI gask arab stab
  8. yeah like that sick danzig one
  9. learn how to do more than one sketch thats embedded in your head, dont hate on me and i wont hate on you its that simple
  10. i believe that is a freestyle voser ...honey dutchin'
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