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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. franky i was just saying theres only so many letter combinations... and so many writers,,:scrambled:
  2. yo sofe, stop writing, the s,o and e are mine...
  3. good shit lets see the ners
  4. meca nerser! omen seth bump those newt shits too
  5. Yeah, he was probably using drugs or something.
  6. that old soe gost2 meca shit is tight
  7. was that jeep wall dissed?
  8. bump...that gost is fire
  9. those erge joints are tight
  10. morbid get at me this weekend
  11. bump, that legal wall is comin along nicely...
  12. yo dead by dawn or someone post those flix
  13. holy shit keep posting shit this is sick
  14. and that dyst peice by sek is nice
  15. ways its not dave, they are DANE peices that someone cut up
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