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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. hahahaha i hope you dont think i am really dropping a name
  2. they had a good season... damn bucketpaint washed away
  3. whats that library ish?
  4. ps that crye (cloud?) flyos joint is fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. did you get a better flick of the vose or cloud?
  6. fuck it... no one else posts shit....
  7. http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n32/gloriosog/Picture797.jpg
  8. yeah intstead of makiing this thread why dont we go buy some lead and then tread some body of water you know what i said this thread isnt red intstead it is a bed made for your head so lets go eat some bread... -ted
  9. PS....Derk- thanks for letting me borrow your heart...and no diss also...all you haters, go to the third rail thread
  10. a thread for all you people who blow up the bmore brickslayer thread with all that nonsence:)
  11. im not tryin to extend this argument, but leave sofe out of it, yall are sayin hes getting involved by making that comment which he didnt even make if you would read a few mesages down...get off here with that this is for pictures not disscussion
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