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Everything posted by StormReturns

  1. paint paint you should post a shot of the full wall
  2. that last wall is sick. rei21er
  3. that freight train graffiti book is nice
  4. paint paint gimme a call today...
  5. alright since you wana tell everyone thatttt ill tell them what i said to you which was, i dont paint over rip walls, and i asked your boy how long he thinks it should last and he said a year and i said thats what i thought, just out of curiosity. so dont get all your boys heated and pming me that theyre gona smack me and all that for nothing. and say somethin good about someone sometime
  6. TWINER! bump skan and dyer
  7. haha caspa nice hands!!
  8. at least his pieces look nice...
  9. that cise and kaos shit is illll
  10. that vose is disgusting, that sofer is where its at
  11. bumpity bump eli vandel twine arab spye freak PA CREW
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