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  1. there is a feature on some cameras where you select a color that you want to be shown and then thats the only color shown, everything else in black in white. but thats not it cuz its multiple colors....are you with me?
  2. that spots visible from 83 and the lightrail...what are you talking about???
  3. bump that zeek and daver flick... bump arab caspa spye syck mear eli sake dame jome... for holdin it down in the streets
  4. good shit, thats what this thread needs
  5. bizerk is in a ludacris music video
  6. hahah not the same SHY crew boi
  7. derk arab spizzle WORRRRRRRD
  8. the guy voser knows how to rip a baltimore handstyle : )
  9. yeh those kids alwaya hang around that SOF shit
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