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Everything posted by SUR X3

  1. My myspace told me about this... Happy birthday kiddo.
  2. Uh yeah except that's not actually what I write... I'll handle mine guys, don't worry about me.
  3. It's garbage now. It was good when it started. But it got Dugg'd super hard and went offline for like a month, and it's never been the same.
  4. Thank you... I just don't want it to get Rapetheweb'd... Here I'll give you guys http://www.alluc.org... That's a pretty good one.
  5. Ew edit the last one I'm not trying to get it blown up[/1111111!#!!@
  6. Um I seem to remember your Myspace you kept posting up said you were from Salinas... But yeah okay...
  7. Dude you're from Salinas, Salinas is not Norcal... Get the fuck out of here.
  8. Your handwriting is really good and legible.
  9. HOW??!!! Show me... I think those are all pretty representative of their stuff.
  10. Also I don't see how you could say it reminds you of BEGR and RICH. They have two completely different styles. Like saying something reminds you of King and Yosh or something.
  11. Google has the best April fools jokes.
  12. Uh, find me an example. Rich likes to do those IBD type pieces and Beg just does straight letter type ish... I take the Beg comment as a compliment, but I just don't think it's true. Beg is more like a typical eastbay funk type dude. You should know all about that.
  13. I drew it in pen so once it was there, I pretty much had to go with it.. There are also 3 other letters that I think are okay.
  14. Jump across the border and buy me a drink.
  15. Kind of. I was just trying to write some other stuff to get my juices flowing... But I couldn't really just think of a word... It's whatever.
  16. Oh dang that's hella fun... Rush bizzle...
  17. I dunno. I'm doing it now.
  18. Yes you do, I agree... I dunno. I shall do a Rush sketch and see what comes up.
  19. So.. Anyone got anything they're having problems with?
  20. With a spider? Haha. What's with this thread and spiders...
  21. Ding. I'll PM some words...
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