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  1. if you connect the points of the letters to the force field shell 2d or whatever you call it this would look twice as good ..at least its legible
  2. im ralphy iron gut the brew has no effect on my gut but my homie shit only rhea for a month straight due to always drinking that gilbeys vodka..
  3. what is that fool on any guesses maybe hes some sober jcat funny shit where do you find this shit
  4. give it up bro its impossible...just relax man this isnt formal shit u kno
  5. why? i hope your not pullin meat to this shit
  6. im cured of the yellow fever..hooray :haha:
  7. the day i buy a hoe shit..its a bottle of alcohol..
  8. bro we can battle on street or pic for pic pleez ur sorry..and louis vutton is shit my ladys push..i push the dick..still waiting for you to go over my shit riding since 04' soo... back to san jo punk you dont live in sf..
  9. Just sooo u know fword is a chick!!!! Quoted post [/b] this fool has no brain..i thought i was the only one defacin federal notes those things go world wide
  10. Fuck a breezy..keep fuckin her if a another one comes dick her too, you could be dead next year for all you fuckin know
  11. is 1810 same as R10 from sj..i seen some dj rah 1810 i thought
  12. ive taken this drink called terminade you drink it like an hour or two prior to the test...this was in like 97 and i heard now they test for certrain chemicals that hide the bad ones soooo who knows...just start sellin reefer :haha:
  13. skin an bones 40ish asian man wearing lengerie underneath the freeway heroes hollerin an followin a pack of young ass hoes talkin to an old school pimp fool was like senior citizen type shit but had some jailbait pimpin fools are always stickin needles in their feet and arms an shit worst ever when me and my boy did the freeway and we didnt realize until too late we were standing in a few inches of feces...good thing my boy drove i actually just threw my shoes away right then :( :( all bad
  14. this punkbitch shit killed the thread,cmon sj this is some sorry tired tired shit Quoted post why are you talking like your good toy? Quoted post o i forgot your the sickest right? what is it you write again......o yeah pussy..state your name claim the fame
  15. Who? Quoted post [/b] :haha: fools who write for a few months need to write a few more months before gettin down...this punkbitch shit killed the thread,cmon sj this is some sorry tired tired shit
  16. got the heart to bomb. meet me by the burger king in frisco u kno the one were u cross me out on that scary door shot but are to pussy to hack out the 50 other WKT's on the same block step ur game up toy and dont get caught slippin. Quoted post yo that shit is sooooo ugly is it yach or zach ....learn a handstyle pleez i wouldnt waste kan time on that garbage..i ought to flik that toy shit itd be funny. :haha: .was it 50 other steezs or 5 get it straight
  17. the best answer is obviously "not enough"..yet these days you might get some hurt ass disease and have to wear only sweatpants for a 2 weeks...this happened to a homey :shook:
  18. true.titty fuck to mouthbust...and remember mean girls suck nice girls swallow
  19. drugs have robbed us of some very important people theres a lesson to be learned...peace.rip.
  20. thats true as far as in and out but if you want to get real nice somewhere cutty or go real big and the spots hot its nice to have a coupla boys with a walkie talkie or cell phone peeping the block for the 5-0 but this isnt always available..real bombers bomb regardless
  21. whoa all that new shit there is sick...show pics of that fool getting burned.... Quoted post I love that place....or at least dissin everything in it!!!!!! Quoted post [/b] u da man :haha:
  22. yeah im rela and i have a dick not a pussy...whats your name you lil hoto i bet your too mark to say...and any 1 from dumkt has been dissed by me and still gets dissed so dont front like me and my boys aint been shittin on you :haha:
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