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  1. sure there is, hoes gotta drink too... :haha: save the top shelf stuff for me and my hogs.
  2. my daughter still rocks your cows as a desktop wallpaper... damn i just looked at the file, its dated "Thu, March 1st, 2001".
  3. rourke was damn good as marv. the scene with his p.o. in her apt, while talking about the good old days being back. also, the scene where he is getting pistol whipped. and the confession booth scene too. he nailed it! he really brought marv to life. i though bruce willis did good too. he is pretty good at playing the aging, down on his luck, good guy role. plus, he got to bust slobs with jessica alba. go bruce-bruce! kevin was portrayed nicely too. those eyes...egghhh i also like hearing about rodriguez demanding miller get directorial credits too. they put together a quality movie. you can tell where tarantino added his touch as well... damn, i need to go see it again, on digital this time.
  4. i just got back from watching it. sick fucking movie! i gotta see it again. to each his own, but this movie was on point. the acting was good, the story was good, and the cinematography was good. you couldnt tell the guy behind spy kids 1, 2 & 3 helped make this. i think people might be more into it if they had read the stories.
  5. flava flav zartan (leader of the dreadnocks)
  6. that's what i was saying when i read the title of this thread...fuck!! i was just listening to him on the social crime the other day. now i won't ever get to see him live...NOOOO!!!!!!
  7. damn, this guy gets up alot.
  8. i was going to ask the paint question, but someone beat me to it. at least you guys are fuckin with good paint. what about markers? same deal? nice styles coming from your neck of the woods. that jace stuff is sweet too. keep the flicks coming!
  9. roadpig


    i like hybrids older stuff, the new stuff too, but the older stuff has more flavor!
  10. i seen it. i wouldn't pay money for it.
  11. seventh son of a seventh son
  12. i heard that the "bad mutherfucker" will get his ass handed to him in this one. this one looks better than the last 2 g. lucas made.
  13. kove, defy, buket, kodes...sick shit
  14. i know someone that wants to move to porterville..haha
  15. that jungle scene and the b&w sketch by katch are sick wid it.
  16. damn!! aspen, beaver - twb, hoods crew (the peace sign), weso- pos, lost 1990, lust! rockwell, far crew, orfn - us. nice posts! a lil bit of everything old and new!
  17. here's an old pic of aladdin...pegged and painted! *photo courtesy of the o.g. teacher* you want to dress vintage? go find a 'chess king' store, or 'merry-go-round' store, and buy you some z cavaricci's, a rayon shirt and some playboy shoes. or pick up some acid washed overalls from san jose blue jeans, but they gotta be dyed red or blue. throw on a raider parka, and some nike cortez ...oh, and you gotta grow a mullet, get some aqua net, and do up your hair ...kinda like that character sketch on the last page.
  18. all around freshness. i'd like to see more of his 'art' but, keep that good nasty shit coming too.
  19. naw, no pale flix. i knew him though. he wrote acuse too, right. he had a bad stuttering problem. he was a way cool cat. no beave flixx either. maybe someone has some bunk or halo flixx? i have a picture of eser, that was being passed out at his funeral. that the closest thing i have to a bcs picture. (i'm not trying to be funny) obcess, i remember that guy too...we kicked it a few times. we even went to a rave once...he dances pretty good for a big guy. saek was a cool cat too, he moved away a long time ago. we were seeing the same girl, but at different times. mmmm....jalapeno poppers
  20. this flick is fuckin sick!! i wonder if a real doctor hit up that up-"iraqi doctors demand their rights"
  21. "while wrongly imprisoned Kirk becomes a ladies' man among the felon-loving singles of Springfield" :haha:
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