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  1. Make sure you send me flicks if you paint it, that would be cool!
  2. Mine varies depending on how long I'm in town for. Last run = Orange Juice, Fat Tire, 4 pack Rockstar reg & diet, Baby Carrots, some yogurt, pack of Gatorates, Bread, Sugar, Grapes, Tortillas, Coffee Creamer, Trash Bags-
  3. Yeah I'm down to exchange This, it might take like a week though just so you know. Can you do an Exo piece I don't really use that other name much anymore.
  4. Heres an OBAKE I got one for ABOVE coming up soon
  5. I'm one of these idiots Partying in Columbia St. Pattys Day
  6. Dope as usual ways! Just in case you didn't know that
  7. Weaksauce that niner is ill, props dood.
  8. HecZ is EVIL! that Revise shit is super sick any of those canvases for sale\trade? Let me know!
  9. Whoa this thread is sick! Im'a have to get down on a few of these.
  10. Good stuff, loving them simples
  11. Wow you got some really good stuff I particullarly like the drawing of the hands/arms. That being said I don't think your letters are as fully developed as the rest of your skills your L and M seem pretty forced most of the time and sometimes dont look right. Your L could easily be mistaken for an "E" because of the way you deform it. Not trying to talk shit your a good artist but these are some areas i see you might need to address.
  12. oh and that combination thing is not going to happen they will remain 2 seperate companys (although one) but work on bridging elements maybe even develop a seperate tool for that. So it is actually better
  13. go to cgtalk.com/ 3dbuzz.com/ cgarchitect.com( for you interior design peoples)/ there are many more but CGTALK is probably the best with forums for practically any software, tech help and so forth.
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