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Shain Caw

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  1. who's style is it this time though?
  2. not necessarily. you kids have a lot to learn
  3. oh I'm so sorry, you sad little prick, what should I have called him then? Maybe you're right though, he's not a writer so technically can't be a toy. Ooops, sorry Lens! I used 'toy' again! He's an artist. He's definitely not a writer Go back to wanking over his coffee table book you fucking arsehole. I bet you model your whole existance on this media-friendly sucker, don't you?
  4. you're a fucking moron then. Banksy isn't a writer, he's got fuck all to do with graffiti, no way is this sucker anywhere near number one in the UK - not even number 1,000. BANKSY = TOY. :clown2:
  5. bitten style bitten name :hatred:
  6. Risk 9 - the track with 'only you, have the answer' in it ?????
  7. the people in it were actual writers...so i guess they do live it themselves... Quoted post [/b] True. maybe they should concentrate on doing illegal wholetrains then, rather than some watered down bullshit for a movie. I know which I prefer.
  8. anyone have anything by Grafs, Year, Ask etc? Or was that not so much Notts?
  9. It's all fucking bullshit. Every one of these piece of shit films should never see the light of day - they're all, every fucking one without exception, exploiting this culture and watering the fucking thing down so much it hurts. Stands to reason that sooner or later the cunts would try to market graffiti, and it looks like it's working doesn't it? I've quit because of crap like this. Instead of writing anything decent I'm just scrawling 'CUNT' in big letters everywhere. Fuck Quality of Life. Fuck Mark Echo. Fuck a wholetrain movie, go and live it yourselves you sad cunts
  10. :king: lol yeah it looks like it! Big up the Helter Skelter crew!
  11. You have an awful lot to learn.
  12. dude, i hear what your saying but i think you got it twisted, you obviously prefer the dds kinda style for its grimey feel and thats cool, but to say that a crew, world renound fot its style, should change to this style you suggest is crazy, nt are big in what they do, dds are big in what they put up, leave it at that. people will always have different oppinions on things, especialy art related areas. just because you think their style is getting old doesnt mean they should change jsut for you. dont take this the wrong way coz i aint after beef, just one person expressing another opinion.
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