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  1. yer sounds like skirm hasnt heard the storys, but he's been around for since back in the day (hope he dont mind me posting a pic) think thats from 1990 somthing
  2. if you wanna see me, watch the news at 6 or read tommorows paper, the press have been following me all day, and are outside now waiting for me to go to work. FUcking fags. i feel like jacko
  3. isnt that wats on that back of cans meaning 'dont smoke near' or someshit, or maybe im confused with wats on fag packets???
  4. i think emulsion wholecars should be left for freights.
  5. BerZerKer navy8 lush sno shots wat did that dude paint?
  6. yer ive seen shit like that wrapped up in clear bags, its all fine, usually never touches anything more than cardboard and paper, and in the winter wen it freezin out, its fine, aint nothin gonna grow on it! tis just like bein in yo cupbord for a few day ud stil eat it if you was hungry
  7. sometimes havin a monster rip line off your reel and not even seein it can guve you more of a rush than actually catchin one, because your constantly thinkin 'wat the hell was it' and your imagination goes wild!
  8. it dont work like that, it aint stale , the consume by date is like 3days after the sell by date, meanin they have to throw that shit wehn its stil fine.
  9. littlekiddyhalfmapipemabobs©
  10. where would we be without a lil' abc.
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