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  1. Aqua Gets Value Afue Kwest Jale
  2. This almost looks fake.... Amazingly dope post... One of the nicest of the year... B-to-the U-to-the M-to-the P!!!!
  3. Lack and Owl Wisk! MPOWER Met!
  4. Great post. Lotsa goodies !!!!
  5. The Turtle and the Grasshopper!!!!!!!! :burn: haha loving it Diesl Mber Erupto Pier
  6. Nicely stated.. Great post. Box Stars putting it down. Wisk Petro Deam!!!! Enue Pepe
  7. That Kuma is fucken fresh!!!! BUMP!!!!
  8. I know all the names,,, but it takes too long to list. That HONKE and Zine are the heat...
  9. Zore Xide Act Spell Sigh Aest GSouth !!!
  10. Sug Rits Mac Moka Raels Apes Jerms MBER!!! Nice 1st post
  11. Jukes! He's from the 505 :spin2:
  12. Really well done... That FOT scaffling shit is bangin' too.... Geneva Hardcore also gets my props...... Lots of good shit on this thread.
  13. ICHA-Fucken-BOD!!!!! Brilliant Post.... :smiles:
  14. Those KUMA's are the fuckin' heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. *In some type of voice* Holy Shit!!! Thats quite the series of pictures... haha dope
  16. i never see em i only see em rollin.... :( :( Quoted post Count yourself lucky, ive never seen one in my life, and if i wanted to see one id have to pay a large amount of money. ANyways, check this bad boy out. Quoted post There was a spot over here years back that hard nothin but these. I wasnt into frieghts that much then so I dunno wut they were doing, but Im guessin they were buildin them and just stackin them there until they were done. That spot was gravy and someone coulda had a blast. Now the spot is nothin but tankers and hoppers. Quoted post [/b] I'm just guessing it's some sort of stamping they do for marking purposes....Kind of like a plat C or some shit... I don't know. I just figured someone would acutally know the real answer... By the way the sarcastic reasons listed are halarious haha...
  17. Bzea Hour Gasp Reset Much Enue Cameo
  18. Happy birthday to me bitches... Really fucking cool... :freak: ZROE... Really feeling this post man... The railfan flicks are fire. :burn:
  19. Good postage mane. haha Really I enjoyed it.
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