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  1. thank god for canadian benchers or else this forum would suck balls. where you americans at?
  2. nice gpc stuff..i had my eye on that new fence also!!!
  3. they obviosly must have important info in them..
  4. this is my take, someone does a dope high fame spot ex rooftop, billboard, etc and some fool climbs up and rocks right next to it even using the same colors to make it look like they went together to me thats a serious sidebust and is wack. i do however think the word is used too loosely for instance if a highway is crushed and there is say 2 aids guys, a tokeo and then say a rime but a big clean opening im gonna blast the big clean opening..i heard people say thats side busting. if thats the case all areas with a high graff volume would make us all guilty of it.
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