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  1. Mr Revolver, This letter is to inform you that you have left yourself logged in on someone else's computer. Your lucky I am not drunk and typing all sorts of gay ass shit under your name....but next time you may not be so lucky. Sincerely, 5-motherfuckin-Oh! P.S. Crack is wack. P.S.S. 1978 you are a flake
  2. I just happen to know lil' Husle and i'll be glad to thump your little hipster skulls Hitop. My little bro lives in your hood. Dont make me send some gorillas after them no ass wearin pants
  3. the streets the streets walk to the beats post some damn streets! PDX that is!
  4. alright folks shows over, gohome, nothin left to see. more next week.
  5. for the record I never saw nothin you did/flicked nothin you did yet you was giving me props... down for what, simpin hard on a bitch that aint worth spit haha Quoted post [/b] dont go trying to make up some 2nd division off my crue, u aint shit aint never been shit, never put in work on the streets, and if this is who i think it is, go change your kiddies diapers. fat boys cant climb rooftops.
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