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  1. hey moshe that stuff is cool but u should do more straight letters and let ur style just slowly grow dont try and do something wild without good letter structure.
  2. Wow... I've been writing for twenty years and there's still plenty I don't know about writing. That's great you know it all! <!--QuoteBegin-Hacer92@Dec 8 2004, 05:04 PM no shit its all it is soem geeky ass nigga tryin to crack some sort of graffiti code ..hahaha cause you know next thing you know theyll say graffiti was in the bible !and that hip hop was some sort of prophecy towards the nineties from the eighties Quoted post You post doesn't make any sense. Thanks for the feedback though. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I posted this thread because I thought some of you would find it interesting. Of course, I was aware that the majority would laugh and talk shit but then again most of the kids on this website are retarded. Quoted post [/b] Im sure theres a lot i dont know. I have only been writing a year and in no way did i say i kno everyhting about grafitti but i can tell whats bad and whats good. I can see that the website is made by people who dont really kno much about graffiti.
  3. after going throught the page and taking the tutorial it seems like a bunch of math experts who dont really know anything about graffiti.
  4. what is that for real?
  5. stop with the characers. stop with the gay wildstyle ur attempting to do. Just do straight letters. do the letters on your keyboard
  6. And to think, all this time I thought people were becoming depressed because of an imbalance in Seratonin levels, when all along I could have come on 12oz to learn it was from watching television and becoming sad. Quoted post [/b] well what i mean is people have an idea of how they are supposed to live. When i saw this im mainly talking about middle and upper class families. They are taught and see how they are supposed to live and they are taught it all there life. When something goes wrong or there family is supposedly "Disfunctional" it seems the older people in the family will get depressed because they cant live up to what they were taught or see when what they were taught isnt truly perfect because it was made up in a human mind. When u say low seratonin levels its not like depression is natural something triggers depression. It doesnt just come out of no where.
  7. The way i see it these medications are like brainwash used to mold kids who may not be conforming in the right way. But really u dont need it. Society has a false reality about how you should act and live that sometimes can never be achieved and when some kids cant meet up to these false standards they are diagnosed with disorders. The same reason so many sdults are on anti-depressants. They cant meet up to standards they see on tv so they may get depressed and even do insane things and act crazy so they end up taking medication. That is just my philosophy dealing with things like that.
  8. has a book even been mailed out yet???
  9. if that is a real site that is stupid. Some one ought to go around and cross thoseparents out. Fucking honkies. hahaha :hatred: :hatred:
  10. from what i hear lime jello is the shit
  11. ok Crack smoka is in charge just a suggestion it would probly be good to pass out the book like i was gonna do it. good luck and watch out for porkers
  12. ok im canceling this passaround book thing for the time being but i will mail it out later on. Some shit came up so i will not be mailing the book out anytime soon
  13. ok check ill give it my brother next time i see him. after your done with it just to let other people to know whos getting it, first cracksmoka from philly will get it then Relek then someone from lasvegas but i still need to talk to him about that then merik then some one from west palm beach but i still need to talk to him but yea if u have got some good graff skills and ur interested in participating in this pm me or talk to me on aim
  14. ok it would be good if people could post their shit up just to let me kno what ur working with. here are some people who are on it cracksmoka relek someguy from vegas these guys im posotive are gonna get the book if u want to be considered u need to pm me or talk to me on aim if u post ur stuff up and i like it ill pm you
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