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Everything posted by delsta

  1. senik! kuma! ear! jukes hoser
  2. agony! awful destn jiveass with the big comethru, nice flick of that amtrak car
  3. vomit sewon poe page! kolun megs kose x 2!
  4. delsta

    O'CLOCK 156

    FUCK YEAH! hand style mother fucker
  5. rei envys met chip! eye arys spider mr.ed..ha reup b5 horale!
  6. that norfolk southern autorack whole car was a lineup. hard hitters!
  7. destn sigh! stae! restp ridl stay rolling heist
  8. habits doin it that vomit and orgns is legit
  9. kuma!!! arsn fubar regal lewis! kolun!
  10. delsta


    yo i was thinking that was an old dmise laws freight, dont k now for sure but thats what i thought xrae desr lyes
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